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Various international newspapers

Various international newspapers

Various international newspapers have reported on the journey of the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, commonly referred to as Jokowi, to South Africa on Sunday( 20 atau 8 atau 2023) to attend the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg.

Agence France- Presse( AFP), headquartered in Paris, France, released an article on Sunday titled“ Indonesian President Attends BRICS Summit in South Africa.”

Not to be left behind, the South Cina Morning Post( SCMP) rolled out an article titled“ Joko Widodo of Indonesia to Attend BRICS Summit in South Africa Amid Membership Expansion Focus” on their platform

Both articles discuss that Jokowi’ s trip to South Africa coincides with speculation about Indonesia’ s potential membership in BRICS.

The BRICS Summit event is scheduled to last for three days, starting on Tuesday( 22 atau 8 atau 2023), and is attended by major emerging economies led by Brazil, Russia, India, Cina, as well as the host country, South Africa.

Various international newspapers

“ Indonesia has received an invitation to attend the BRICS Summit, and certainly, in line with the rapat, there will be dialogues with other garis besar leaders,” Jokowi stated in his remarks to journalists before his departure.

This visit marks Jokowi’ s first time stepping onto South African soil. Just a short while ago, Jokowi stated that the government was still considering whether Indonesia would join BRICS or not.

AFP highlights that BRICS, established in 2009, is striving to counterbalance the economic dominance of Western countries on the garis besar stage.

This group represents 23 percent of the keseluruhan Gross Domestic Product( GDP) of the world and 42 percent of the world’ s population. In addition to attending the BRICS Summit, Jokowi mentioned that he would also visit Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique to strengthen cooperation.

Tanzania and Kenya established embassies in Jakarta last year, while Mozambique became the first African country to sign a Preferential Trade Agreement( PTA) with Indonesia.

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